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“The flute of the infinite is played without ceasing and its sound is love.”

 ~ Kabir, the 15th Century Indian mystic poet~

What's more captivating than a handsome man with the mastery of a flute? Not much. Flautist, Darryl Evan Jones, also known as “The Fluteman,” will catch you pleasantly off-guard with his CD entitled "Relentless.” The songs have his love of music and the instrument intertwined with the beauty of his spirit. This is a musical gem many may not have had the opportunity to listen to. Reward you ears for they deserve it!

Every flute is as individually crafted as the artist behind it. Although wooden variations existed as early as 1830, the first metal flute was born from German inventor and musician, Theobald Boehm and has continuously evolved since 1847 when he first also patented his fingering system. The flute is a delicate instrument indeed.One has to possess the perfect embouchure at just the right times with this intricate woodwind.  Our music history recognizes many notably talented flautists including Hubert Laws, Bobbi Humphrey, Tim Weisberg and Herbie Mann among others.

Darryl Evan Jones was raised in the Bronx, New York and began playing the flute and the  age of eight. He is a perfect example of why one should not  “judge a book by its cover.” His resume comes with a classical background but expands into gospel, blues and funk. The variety of melodies on “Relentless" certainly reflect that.  

Spoiler Alert: Ten of the entitled  songs on this CD when combined together read like a beautiful mantra for the times.   Be “Relentless” and “Unstoppable!” On “A Beautiful Night” take “The Ride” or “A Walk in the Park” in the “Summertime.”  “Remember Me.” “Speak to My Heart!"  “Breathe” and “Hang in There.” When listening to these songs I was left with feelings similar to that in which my morning mediation brings: calmness, serenity and an eagerness to press on.


Relentless” is  forceful! It’s like an audio, double cappuccino with a Red Bull chaser. It’s performed with the determination to live up to its title.  “A Walk in the Park” includes a wonderfully flowing flute and guitar combination. This tune evokes a refreshing feeling of being without a care in the world.  This album also includes a delightful remake of “Summertime,” in which the flute and the vocals dance gracefully together.  Its rhythm is soothing to the soul.


If I were to exercise favoritism I would lean toward “Remember Me”. There is a sophisticated smoothness to this song that pleasantly remained impressed  in my mind and had me humming it on and off throughout the day.  That's impressive for a song without vocals. "A Beautiful Night" penetrates the senses and is so gracefully performed.  The lyrics are beautifully performed to accentuate, blend and unite with the flute to nicely complement each other. “The Ride” is a downright decorated funk. I could just close my eyes and visualize the finger work happening on this one. This tune is very energetic and playful, yet fierce. 


I’m just giving a sweet, eyeful of what you have to look forward to if you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to this CD. If you are just learning about this CD at this moment, you can thank me later. If you have heard it, we collectively thank “The Fluteman,” Mr. Darryl Evan Jones for sharing his gift of music with us. I’m confident that you will enjoy the other songs as much as I do.

I hope this music inspires you, encourages you and reinforces your faith in making the impossible, possible. Please enjoy responsibly.” Well played Darryl Evan Jones, well played!   

 “The Fluteman” has performed at The Cannon Center in Memphis, Apollo Theater in Harlem and the Providence Performing Arts Center. He has played with musical greats including Jeffrey Osbourne and Grover Washington. If you’re already riding the DEJ train then you have seen him open for artists such as Kem and Boney James among others. Visit Woodshed Jazz Magazine again as you know I will keep you updated on tour dates Darryl Evan Jones. Until then, tootles!

Written by Bridgid Brousseau
Remember Me - Darryl Evan Jones
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