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Knick Smith
Written by Bridgid Brousseau

"Rhythm gets you grooving. The melody makes the song. The message is the music and the music is the truth." ~Knick Smith~

Romance" is here!  Pianist, producer and writer Knick Smith has released his latest CD and it is a must hear.  "Romance" is an exciting body of musical  instruments and smooth vocals including Jeff Robinson, Kevin Turner, Munyungo Jackson and Lynne Fiddmont. There is also a special appearance of Knick's beautiful wife Annette on the cover. The entire album is a colorful and will lift all of our spirits during a time when we need it most. 

Knick  attended Berklee College of Music.  Since, his career includes performances with some of the greatest musicians including  the late George Duke, Stanley Clarke  and Kenny Garrett.  Knick's musical influences  recognize many  internationally and historically known musicians including Hazel Scott,  Oscar Peterson, Mary Lou WilliamsHerbie Hancock and Thelonious Monk among others.


Although his concentration is Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and Fusion, Knick can easily adapt whenever called upon. He  has also performed with Stevie Wonder and Queen Latifah.   


The single "Romance ” with smooth, figured bass lines brings a proud style of fantastica just as romance should be. It's a whirlwind duration with a warm, melodic pairing of tones. 

“ Return Of Spring” featuring Munyung Jackson brings is full of stretto growing with  excitement. This smooth  Latin Jazz groove is performed with determination. I hear a wonderfully flowing flute and guitar combination. This tune evokes a refreshing feeling of being without a care in the world.  


 " It's Love" invokes a special feeling.   "The album also includes a spicy rendition of the late Prince's "1999" with Jeff Robinson on vocals. The lyrics have a calm, relaxing vibe. 

I saved my personal fave for last.  "Feelin Smooth!" This groove has such a melodic flow to it. This song is perfect for cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway or your daily workout. It's fiery, passionate and ardent all rolled into one festive escape. This particular so is warmly reminiscent of the late, great Joe Sample to me with his choral slyle and combinations.    


Knick holds a passion for the youth in today's society.  Believing that music has such an impact on our lives he is certainly doing his part. He strives to relay the message of how crucial it is to learn and understand music fundamentally. This not only creates a discipline with music but in life. The variety of compositions  on  his Album “Romance" certainly reflect that. "Rhythm gets you grooving. The melody makes the song. The message is the music and the music is the truth."  Like I always say, "play and perform  responsibly!"

 I've highlighted just a few of my favorites of the "Romance" album. I'm certain you will have you favorites too. For music is in the ear of the beholder! Yes? Let Knick know how much you enjoy and appreciate his sharing his gift of music. He would love to hear from you.  Thank you Knick Smith for helping to keep jazz music live!



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