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Maysa "Blue Velvet Soul" Record Label: Shanachie


Review by: Bridgid Brousseau


With the release of BLUE VELVET SOUL, the mellifluous Maysa has once again bestowed a gift of which all of us are the favored recipients. The unmistakable, silky smooth style we all love about Maysa is all encompassing within her ninth CD, Blue Velvet Soul.Every time I think I have a favorite Maysa CD she releases another!


This CD has fifteen songs that are sure to please even the most distinguished listening palettes. It includes some of the most beautiful and soothing harmonies I’ve heard. Maysa clearly puts her heart into every note and every word. Blue Velvet Soul captures the total essence of what we have all come to know and love about Maysa.“Beautiful Dreamer” makes its entrance with poignant lyrics that will inspire all. It is an uplifting message that will offer encouragement and induce compassion. Great life message!


“Sophisticated Lover” and “Pouring Rain” are two of my favorites and my prediction is that they will be fan favorites also. The lyrics and impeccable vocal harmony on both of these songs gave me goose bumps with every listen. I found myself leaning back with my eyes closed listening to “Pouring Rain’ repeatedly. It is a cool, refreshing breeze that speaks to what we all experience as we travel our life’s paths. The melody is relaxing, encouraging and thought provoking. Whatever one might be going through this song will provide a much needed escape. Listen. This smooth song will sway your body and your thoughts in only the right direction.


“Sophisticated Lover,” don’t we all want one? This flowing rapture made me want to fall in love fast, quick and in a hurry! If you don’t have the physical version of a “Sophisticated Lover” at least you can have Maysa’s audio version which is guaranteed to please. This smooth, sexy tune describes what we all want and the lyrics take your imagination to another level! Her smooth, poetic rap shoots straight for the soul.


“Sophisticated Lover” says it all for anyone who craves the love we all so deserve! Maysa even streams her flawless proclamations of love in French! If you’re ever at a loss of words with the one who gives you butterflies, just play “Sophisticated Lover” for them.


Add soul, funk to taste and a sprinkling of fusion and we have “Be There,” “What Can I Do,” and “When Your Soul Answers.” If you find yourself reminiscing about Incognito while enjoying “Good Morning Sunrise” you are right on. Bluey, the male lead of the band Incognito in which Maysa continues to appears as a featured vocalist from time to time joins Maysa on this song. This song “turns an ordinary day into a paradise!” Listen and you will understand.


Also joining Maysa with her background vocals are the crisp, pristine vocals of Kimberly Brewer, Dawn Tallman, V. Rich, and Mike City aka Micky Dance.“When You Touch Me” and “Love Me Good” are the slower jams that provide a deeper listening experience providing a chance to take in every note of Maysa’s incredible vocal abilities.


I found “Quiet Fire” to be one of the most unexpected, pleasant surprises of all on Blue Velvet Soul. This song was previously sung by Nancy Wilson. Maysa’s rendition is beautifully arranged and delivered. I marveled at Maysa’s soulful interpretation and powerful inflections. I love it! Very well done!


This album also includes surprisingly unexpected, upbeat funky grooves such as “Put It On Me,” “I Care,” “Nothing But You” and “Love Me Good.” I expect to hear “This Much” the next time I go out dancing. It is the perfect dance groove. I do not recall hearing a jam like this from Maysa before. I love beat, the piano pumping out the chords throughout and a taste of Maysa scatting towards the end.


It is clear that Maysa gave us all that she has with Blue Velvet Soul. Not only does she deliver big time, but she does so with her majestic signature style and eloquence. It is always like Christmas when unwrapping the cover of a new CD from Maysa. Every song is a gift. This album is a must have for Maysa fans and all avid music lovers. Her voice remains unparalleled. If you are without Blue Velvet Soul you are missing a lot of soul.


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